Holidazed: An Eternal Bummer Christmas Volume 2

by Eternal Holidaze



Eternal Bummer Records is filled with joy to bring you its sixteenth and second holiday release, Holidazed: An Eternal Bummer Christmas Volume 2, for free download.

Need help staying bummed this Christmas season? Well, get ready to get holidazed once again with Eternal Bummer’s second Christmas music compilation. Following last year’s Eternal Holidaze, Holidazed is our new festive offering featuring the bummmers you know and love (Robots! Everywhere!!, Major/Minor, Great Minds, RaZr SpaYd) and exclusive Christmas collaborations from the greater Huron County music community (including members of Amity Beach, Mikey Chuck Rivers, Love Note to Dexter, A Cat Named Wolf, and more). It’s a festive free-for-all, perfectly fitting on every music lover’s Christmas wishlist (and Santa’s nice list, too). As last year, we encourage you to share this album with your family and friends and celebrate in truly one of the dopest times of the year. Get caught in a bummer blizzard and get eternally holidazed once again this Christmas with your friends at Eternal Bummer Records.



released December 12, 2013



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Eternal Holidaze Ontario

Eternal Bummer Records Presents:
HOLIDAZED: An Eternal Bummer Christmas Volume 2
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Track Name: Matthew Hussey - Wish It Was Snow
1. Matthew Hussey - Wish It Was Snow
In "Wish It Was Snow," Matthew Hussey plays a seasonal skeptic who questions the holiday's crass commercialism like Jackson Browne's "Rebel Jesus" or the Grinch before him, but over a playful toy-chest symphony. "All of these gadgets and gizmos and thingamaphones" play and skronk in the background as Matt discovers the true meanings of Christmas; thank goodness he let us in on his holiday revelations.
Track Name: The Holy Rollers - Jesus Christ
2. The Holy Rollers - Jesus Christ
The Holy Rollers are a South Huron supergroup featuring Geoff and Fraser from Amity Beach, Matt Weston of The Dyadics, and singer-songwriter Clara Stegall. Exclusively forming for this festive comp, they deliver their easy-breezy take on Big Star's "Jesus Christ, complete with choir-of-angels singalongs. Wouldn't ya love to have these folky carollers swing by your door this season?
Track Name: Mikey Chuck & Jillien - Frosty
3. Mikey Chuck & Jillien - Frosty
Mikey Chuck Rivers and lifetime duet partner Jillien Regier blow lo-fi dust all over Frosty the Snowman in their rickety cover. Rivers and Regier tickle glockenspiel and rip wild recorder solos over their half-shouted, half-sung, kitchen-sink approach to the Frosty fable. I bet if the star snowman himself started a Neutral Milk Hotel cover band, it would sound like this.
Track Name: Northern Dissonance - That Was The Worst Christmas Ever
4. Northern Dissonance - That Was The Worst Christmas Ever
Love Note to Dexter's Scarlett Raczycki and her roommate Avery Dawn Cyr go by Northern Dissonance on their autoharp-aided cover of Sufjan Stevens' "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever." Their harmonies and antiquated instrumentation give the relatively unconventional carol a beautifully Victorian Christmas vibe; a choir could be belting this over the second week of Advent mass.
Track Name: RaZr SpaYd && the Wyqqid Glitch of da WeST - DO U H3@R W@T R@Z4 SP@YD H3AR$
5. RaZr SpaYd && the Wyqqid Glitch of da WeST - DO U H3@R W@T R@Z4 SP@YD H3AR$
Oh no who put the molly in the egg nog? RaZr SpaYd are back to confound and conquer with their decimation of "Do You Hear What I Hear." Imagine a dystopian future where Santa cyborgs are raving to this in some space-club where it's Christmas all the time. The Blade Runner of Christmas Carols. M3®®Y K®1$†/\/\@$
Track Name: Great Minds - Sunrise Over Mt. Crumpet
6. Great Minds - Sunrise Over Mt. Crumpet
Mash-up artiste Great Minds has set fire to yr seasonal songbook once again with "Sunrise Over Mt. Crumpet." Split into two movements, the opening "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" segues into a straightforward rip of The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" while layering and layering snippets of songs both festive and right outta left-field all over the track, with the likes of Data Romance, Jim Carrey, Deltron, Coldplay, Hanora, Darren Eedens, The Old Salts, A Christmas Story, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and the friggin' Transiberian Orchestra. Holidazed is right.
Track Name: The Dyadics - Run Run Rudolph
7. The Dyadics - Run Run Rudolph
London, Ontario's duo-rock daredevils The Dyadics bring their rollicking take on "Run Run Rudolph" and boy does this thing bolt. Frontman Kevin Kennedy (The Marrieds, Neverending White Lights) and Matt Weston (producer to Amity Beach, Mikey Chuck Rivers) romp through this rawknroll reindeer game with roaring saxophone and ripping guitar solos. You know Santa's crankin' this cut on his sleigh speakers this Christmas Eve.
Track Name: SmudgePot - My Christmas Card To You
8. SmudgePot - My Christmas Card To You
Bayfield's Sleepy Punk superstars SmudgePot ramp up the Partridge Family classic "My Christmas Card to You" into a snowy snot-nosed pop-punk pogofest, where the joys of Christmas include crowdsurfing at basement shows while you're home for the holidays. SmudgePot want peace and love to surround you, so whether that means surrounded by your family or surrounded by beer-spilling mosh-monsters is really up to you.
Track Name: Major/Minor - Snoopy's Christmas
10. Major/Minor - Snoopy's Christmas
Major/Minor's Charlie Weber is clearly a Peanuts fan; last year's submission as Win Chelsea "A Christmas Story" featured a cameo from Charlie Brown cohort Rerun and this time, he takes on the story of Snoopy and the Red Baron's Christmas Eve battle-turned-truce. Weber gives "Snoopy's Christmas" an earnest emo-folk interpretation, perfectly matched with a gingerbread latté in an yr local college coffee shop.
Track Name: Comfort Food - Keep Christmasin'
11. Comfort Food - Keep Christmasin'
Comfort Food is the Christmas collaboration between Clinton's Adria Anderson and A Cat Named Wolf/Blaze N Murder's Matt Brak. Here's a Christmas cocktail: take Weezer's Maladroit standout "Keep Fishin'" and adorably deck its halls. "Keep Christmasin'" is an ode to homemade homespun holiday happiness, whether it's putting DIY ornaments on the tree or making snow angels on your front lawn. Keep Christmasin' y'all.
Track Name: Sarah Hoy - White Christmas
12. Sarah Hoy - White Christmas
Wingham's Sarah Hoy recorded a set of Christmas carols at CKNX with host Phil Main and Eagles Music head Josh Geddis. "White Christmas" is one take from the three-song set, and Hoy gives it a warm yet wintry festive flavour. Her voice manifests visions of blanketed rooftops, scarf-bundled shovelers, and gently lilting snowflakes falling from the sky. Bundle up for this one, bummer babies.
Track Name: Emmett O'Reilly - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
13. Emmett O'Reilly - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
To close out this album, Emmett O'Reilly (Stuck Out Here, Capitol Beat, Deny the Threat), over bass chords and trumpet runs, lends a melancholic mood to "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." O'Reilly croons in the background, letting the mostly smooth (though sometimes cantankerous) carol play out like a late night fireside soundtrack. Knowing "The Snack King" O'Reilly, he's got you covered for the hot chocolate and marshmallows too.